Law Offices of Nelson C. Barry III
Specializing in Serious Injury & Death Claims
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Law office of Nelson C. Barry III

40 Years of Experience.

98% Success Rate.

Specializing in
High Value Cases.


A Proven San Francisco Injury Lawyer

Nelson C. Barry III specializing in obtaining full compensation for clients who have suffered serious injuries and the families of those who were killed due to the negligence of others. 

Mr. Barry has over 40 years of experience in representing injured clients in litigation, arbitration, and mediations with a 98% success rate, resulting in over $30 million in compensation for his clients. 

Your Initial Consultation is Free and can be by phone, in person at our office in Diamond Heights, at a client’s home, work, hospital or a health care facility.

At the initial visit, Mr. Barry will answer all your questions, evaluate your case, provide a time estimation, provide an explanation of your case and how long it will take to settle. He will also advise on how to take care of all of your medical bills and other related concerns. 

The Law Office of Nelson C. Barry is unique among other top-quality injury law firms in two ways. First, the firm limits itself to representing only 15 clients at a time. This allows each case to be worked up completely and quickly. Second, this office employs a full-time professional animator who creates videos that illustrate the details of each incident. Our animator also has expertise in printing life-size, 3D models of broken bones and crushed vertebrae that illustrate the seriousness of our client’s injuries.

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Mr. Barry has represented clients who have suffered serious injuries or died from brain damage, fractured bones, spinal injuries, burns, internal injuries, significant damage to muscles, ligaments and tendons for which they experienced long-term hospitalization and medical care, extended or permanent periods of disability and significant wage or income loss. 



(415) 587-0550


5228 Diamond Heights Blvd.
San Francisco, CA 94131

A  Hardworking and Compassionate Staff

Our office staff prides itself on serving our clients with compassion, efficiency, and attention to detail. We are friendly, responsive, hard-working, and always focused on providing the exceptional customer service.

No recovery, no fee

Following best practices for personal injury attorneys, Mr. Barry works on a contingency fee basis of 1/3 before litigation and 40% thereafter. Mr. Barry will also pay all expenses incurred during the case. This ensures that, except in very rare, extenuating circumstances, clients never pay out of pocket.


Our Biggest Fans & Source of Referrals

Our former clients recommend us to their friends, family, and co-workers when they need a top-notch personal injury attorney to represent them. It is their referrals that connect us with the majority of our new clients. 

Hear what our past clients have to say about us! 

Our Practice Areas

Catastrophic Injuries caused by the negligence of others


—Vehicle Accidents: Cars, Motorcycles & Bicycles 

—Dog Attacks

—Workplace Injuries 

—Premise Liability

—Slip, Trip & Fall Injuries

—Asbestos Cases

—Mold Related Injuries


Contact Us

Call our office at (415) 587-0550 or email us at

Our office is located at 5228 Diamond Heights Blvd, San Francisco, California 94131. Office hours are 9am–6pm, Monday–Friday.

For emergencies, evenings and weekends, call Mr. Barry on his cell (415) 518-0075.

Alternatively, you can use the form below to reach out to us. Our office will get back to you within a few hours.

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